I went down to Parsonage Gardens today to put up a new sign.  The Magnolia tree reminded me of our Christmas tree, once it had been stripped of all its decorations.  It looked kind of skinny, naked and shivery in the cold.  I wanted to throw a big jacket over its shoulders.  A very very large jacket.

I’ve never seen a jacket that large, actually.

Someone had taken down my previous sign.  Either that, or it had smudged, parted company with itself, perhaps even totally dissolved in the wind and the rain that has shaken and lashed this island in recent times.

I hadn’t been in touch since before Xmas, and wondered if I had been struck off the Old Parsonage’s agenda.

Moribund, I stepped closer to the tree, looking for a suitable site for my new offering – and was instantly cheered to see a determined cluster of snowdrops at its base.


a determined cluster of snowdrops

Hope springs eternal, then.  Good.

As I gazed up at the tree’s higher reaches, its bony fingers reaching for the sky of bright, cold blue, I spotted the Mystery Shoe.  I haven’t written about that yet.  See if you can spot it.

the Mystery Shoe(i)

In case you can’t, here’s a clue…

Mystery Shoe

the Mystery Shoe (ii)

And here’s a close up.

the Mystery Shoe (detail)

the Mystery Shoe (detail)

More about that later.

I wanted to pin (ouch! -sorry) my new sign to the tree, because that’s what one does with Missing Pussycat signs.  But something told me I should seek permission first, so I did, and I haven’t been granted it yet, so watch this space, because I’m going back tomorrow.

And this is my Missing Pussycat sign.

Missing 1 (566x800)

That should do it.


5 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Dear Lorna,
    Nice to hear from you again. I thought you had hibernated for the winter. Your return together with the snowdrops means that winter may be slackening its grip. Today it went dark at 4.45 and a few weeks ago it was 3.50 a massive improvement. It’s also coming light before eight in the morning as well. We have had a day with blue skies and a little sunshine to cheer us up a bit. Pauline and I have been down to the Parsonage gardens a couple of times even though it is a big trip for us.
    As the days get longer and warmer I live in hope that I may wander through Fletcher Moss and see a Leopard in a tree once more and really feel cheered up.
    Best wishes and thank you dearly for you efforts.

    • Hello John. I too have been noticing the gradual lengthening of the days. It was especially significant to me that my first snowdrop sighting of the year should have been at the foot of the magnolia tree. It was like a little gift put there just for me, to cheer me up and say “Keep going; don’t give up!”
      Hope to gaze down at you and Pauline from the magnolia’s branches again in the not too distant future, when I have tracked down that pesky leopard!

  2. Hello Lorna,
    I often have a chuckle here and there when I read your blog. Wondered how you could possibly have allowed your leopard to sit in a wind and gale swept magnolia tree. No wonder she went awol. I like your photos. Love, Mum

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