Well, what do you want to know?

1. I live in Manchester

2. I wasn’t born here

3. I have a degree in Visual Arts & Creative Writing

4. I’m not telling you my age (it’s rude to ask a leopard, don’t you know)

5. I’ve done quite a lot of things in my life so far, and been to quite a lot of places. But there is always more to experience.  Somewhere new to visit, or somewhere old to go back to.  Another tree to climb.

6. In my ‘artist’s blurb’ for the exhibition that gave rise to all this leopardry, I wrote: “Lorna Ruskin BA(Hons) is an artist and photographer. In the future she may become something else, if she can work out how to change her spots.”



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Lorna take me with you. Our eyes met and you lit up my life. Anything is possible now. Unforgettable, never regrettable climb a tree to be with me. 50 lbs of apples is nothing to write home about but look who I met today!!! My love to you M

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