Notes from a Tree/02


Later – afternoon.

“There has been quite a steady flow of human traffic.  People blooming, people fading…

Hardly anyone saw me.

So is a piece of work ‘art’ if nobody notices it?”

… A load of typing, and subsequent deleting, later, I think: Ha!  Why even ask that?!  I hate existential questions, because (a) I don’t think there are right and wrong answers and (b) who cares, anyway?

Okay, so I’m currently involved in making some art that a lot of people walk past (or under) and don’t even notice.

I googled ‘unnoticed art’ and came across Isaac Cordal, whose work I saw at Urbis in Manchester some years ago.  The work I saw was a wall of photographs, not his figures themselves.  The photographs were like the ones on his website, pictures of his little concrete men.  Whichever comprise the artwork – his worried little people, or his brilliant photographs of them -doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s a Guardian article about Cordal and another artist, Slinkachu, from 2011, if you’re interested:-

And as for me, I am, for the most part, enjoying being a leopard in a magnolia tree.