A Leopard in Love

On Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013, I had a busy time in the tree, watching people, taking photographs, making notes, having Deep Thoughts.

When I climbed down onto the lawn, I sat on the grass for a moment to lick my paws, turned around and – Oh!


I turned around and – Oh!

I think I’m in love.


I think I’m in love

The exhibition continues


Over the next two weeks I settled in, experimenting with different positions and different branches.  It was quite comfortable, so long as I didn’t stay in the same position for too long – despite taking place during the hottest July we have experienced for seven years (apparently).  The canopy of magnolia leaves above and around me kept me cool in my fleece onesie. The spots of sunlight filtering through the leaves merged with the leopard print design, the better to disguise me.